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How to Buy Your First Home


How to perfectly plan to buy your first home

Buying your first home is an exciting journey that gives you a glimpse into real estate and all that it offers. Buying a home should not be seen as a purchase but as an investment. We advise our friends and anyone interested in buying real estate to put the time into planning ahead. As experienced agents, we are great at helping people plan for the best option for their situation. The first step on the exciting journey of buying your first home starts with knowing what you want and why you want it.

It’s never too early to plan ahead. Defining early-on what you want and what you need will give you realistic goals and a road map to succeed in real estate.

1. What and why

The world of real estate can seem overwhelming to the first-time homebuyer, but it doesn’t have to be. The more you know and plan, the more likely you are to succeed in real estate. Planning starts with the facts: what you need, what you want, when you want to buy, where you want to buy, and why you want to buy. Make sure that your wants and needs are reasonable for the area you are looking at based on what’s currently on the market. Sometimes an agent can seemingly do the impossible, but typically if what you want isn’t available in the area you want to live in, you may need to change your goals, look elsewhere or consider building it yourself. In tricky situations, having a good agent becomes even more important.

2. Get tailored advice

After determining what you want and why you want it, call one of our agents for free, professional advice. It can be very advantageous to get tailored advice from a broker you trust. Agents not only advise you on how to best prepare, but they will keep their eyes out for a property that matches what you want.

Start this relationship early because brokers have a wealth of knowledge that you can benefit from, and again, it’s never too early.

3. Planning financially

Unless you are a cash-buyer, getting pre-approved for the mortgage you need is the most important part of the financial side of planning to buy a home. ‘Pre-approved’ means that you are financially able to apply for a specific mortgage based on your credit score, bank statements, taxes, employment records, and salary. Once you are pre-approved, a good agent will go over a financial overlay with you, pairing your financials with your housing wants and needs. An agent will be able to tell you how much of a down payment you need or if you would qualify for a low or no down payment mortgage. This meeting with your agent will kickstart your plan towards becoming a homeowner!

4. Follow-through with your plan

The path to owning a house doesn’t have to be walked alone. In fact, a real estate agent’s job is to make it more simple by giving valuable advice, sharing information, and helping you follow-through with your plan. This is the most difficult part because it may require the need to budget your money, check for new listings every day, or take steps to qualify for the loan you want. Even if you perfectly plan, you still have the difficult task of finding the perfect property, so stay in touch with your agent because they will put time into looking for properties on your behalf.


Planning ahead and following through with your plan is what will set you up for success in real estate. Know your wants and needs and base them off of what’s available on the current market to make your dream more attainable. It’s never too early to reach out to an agent because they will help you plan financially and logistically. Whether you are ready to buy today or in a few years, our agents can give you valuable advice on your journey to becoming a homebuyer.


About the author

John Ford is the owner and top-producing agent at Ford Real Estate located in Medford, Oregon. Being a 5th generation native to Southern Oregon, he loves the outdoors and has a deep connection to the Rogue Valley. John currently lives in Southern Oregon, enjoying the west coast with his wife, Tami, and his two daughters. John is not only known as a real estate agent but also as an avid supporter of local non-profit organizations. He is constantly helping his team and clients succeed in real estate and many have said that there isn’t another agent like him.

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