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Buy property in Southern Oregon Imagine buying your dream home. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

Ford Real Estate is a locally-owned and flourishing real estate company located in the heart of Southern Oregon. We have agents ready to help you purchase the property that works best for you.


We want to help people buy their dream home at the right price. Our real estate specialists have a proven track record of completing real estate transactions with speed and excellence. Contact us today for our extensive Real Estate Buying Guide that includes the buying process, expected costs, and market information.

“The daunting task of purchasing a first home was made very simple and we absolutely recommend the Ford Real Estate team if you’re looking to sell or purchase property.” – Jocelyn Claire Guzman


It’s never too early to reach out because brokers have a wealth of knowledge that can benefit any homebuyer.

The first step to home buying is determining your price range, which is often dependent on a mortgage pre-approval. Call us today at 541-773-2088 to set up an in-person meeting with one of our experts who will help you get started. Your agent will help you through the ins and outs of getting approved for a mortgage, house hunting, and the finances behind buying property. Your agent will also be able to set you up with email alerts for new property listings that match the type of property you want.

Once you find a property that suits you, your agent will help you write and submit an offer, and negotiations will begin. Your agent can advise you on the terms and pricing. After your offer has been accepted and signed, your agent will guide you through the final steps of officially owning your new home!

Get in touch with one of our agents today to request a copy of our Real Estate Buying Guide.


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