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    Career Opportunity

    Careers at Ford Real Estate

    Start your real estate career with us and dive into our exciting, fast-paced, collaborative, and people-oriented work environment. Real estate has always been a staple in our economy, making an agent’s job rewarding and stable. Take charge of your schedule and productivity! Real estate agents are filed as small business owners and can grow and expand based on the time and effort they invest in their careers. We want all of our agents to love their jobs and enjoy working with us. Not everyone is cut out to be a real estate agent and we want to help guide people to their career based on their strengths and natural gifts.

    We are currently looking for talented, ethical, and driven real estate agents to join our company. Whether you are brand new to real estate or a seasoned veteran, we would love to talk to you. Call us at 541-773-2088 today to get started.

    A real estate agent’s job

    Real estate agents are salespeople who help people buy or sell properties. Agents guide clients through interactive decision making as well as guiding them through the various formalities in buying and selling. The reason there are two agents in every transaction is so there is an impartial representation for each party. Agents will often specialize in being either a buyer’s agent or seller’s agent and often for either residential or commercial properties. Clients will be expecting top performance in professionalism, loyalty, confidentiality, expediency, and accuracy.

    The real estate agent profession is rather unique. It combines elements of a broker, counselor, educator, accountant, appraiser, and interior design consultant. You may be dealing with big, expensive transactions with lots of moving parts while managing your clients’ expectations and emotions regarding the acquisition or sale of a property.

    Get started

    While all these instructions may seem complicated, they will be broken down and explained when you meet with John or Tami Ford, the owners of Ford Real Estate. The first step is simply calling the office and reaching out in order to meet in person. They will be able to give you estimates on how long it will take, how much it will cost, and what you can expect in becoming a real estate agent with us.

    1. Call 541.773.2088 during business hours and make an introduction
    2. Meet with John or Tami Ford for an interview
    3. Complete the DISC personality test
    4. Fill out our onboarding paperwork
    5. Complete all MLS and Oregon Real Estate Agency paperwork and pay all fees
    6. We will verify your State of Oregon license
    7. Complete everything needed to be a member of the National Association of Realtors

    What we offer our agents

    • Office space and meeting rooms, complete with bottled water, snacks, and coffee
    • Training, mentorship, and advising from top agents
    • Free advertising designs
      • Custom business card design
      • Three types of lawn sign designs
      • Four personalized guide templates
        • Residential Buyer’s Guide
        • Commercial Buyer’s Guide
        • Commercial Seller’s Guide
        • Commercial Buyer’s Guide 
    • Free advertising
      • 100 free Business cards
      • 200 new agent newsletters to send to friends and family
      • 2 client events per year for you and your clients
        • Past events include winery dinners, ice skating, and renting out multiple movie theater rooms.

    Types of agents


    A buyer’s agent helps the client find the right house for the right price. They will work closely with their client’s Listing Agent, handling negotiations and managing contract contingencies and duties.


    A seller’s agent, or listing agent, is responsible for marketing the property, conducting open houses, providing advice on staging and pricing, handling offers, and managing negotiations.

    Good reasons to become an agent

    As a real estate agent, you could potentially play a big role in your clients’ lives, so the reason behind your career decision is important. Here are some big, driving reasons behind our top producing agents in the form of questions that you can ask yourself:

    Do you love houses and people? As an agent, you will learn a lot about sales, house styles, construction, appraisal principles, and real estate market factors.

    Are you a people-person? Most top agents love talking to people about real estate, their lives, and their family. They love meeting people, bringing people together, and helping people. The real estate business involves a lot of negotiation and relationship building.

    Are you looking for flexibility and variety? Agents aren’t stuck at their desks all day. These days, an agent’s “office” is mobile with most of the necessary tools on a tablet, laptop, or iPad. Agents also aren’t limited to working strict 9 am to 5 pm shifts. Their hours are often influenced by the needs and availability of clients and customers. You won’t be doing this same thing, or even working on the same transaction, all day. You might switch between being an accountant, promoter, counselor, and interior designer in one day. There’s a lot of variety.

    Do you enjoy helping people? Buying or selling a house is one of the largest financial transactions most people will encounter. Many real estate consumers don’t know much about the industry and rely on their agent guiding and helping them to make educated decisions. Your clients who are selling may be busy packing, moving, and cleaning, while managing the people who are doing repairs, inspections, appraisals, financial assessments, photos, and the property analysis. Your client may ask you for help in any one of these steps. The more you are able to help and provide knowledge, the more value you are adding to yourself in the eyes of your clients. An agent helps to ease those challenges and calm their nerves as they juggle the busy tasks of moving and change.

    Do you want to be your own boss? The perks of being a real estate agent involve adding a lot of flexibility to your life, but it also adds a lot of responsibility. The growth of an agent’s business is dependent on how much work they put into it. We will provide tools and guidance, including reviewing your contracts, but, ultimately, agents must be self-driven and self-reliant on getting things done well and on time. Agents decide how many clients or transactions they want to handle at a time and they have control over their own marketing and advertising.

    Do you enjoy problem-solving? As a real estate agent, your job will often entail solving problems, big and small. Finding the perfect property for your client may seem like a fun puzzle and Your clients will expect you to have the answers and solutions or know how to find them. Effectively communicating with clients, customers, and other agents and quickly accessing the information and tools needed to resolve issues and clear challenges. Your clients will expect you to have the answers and solutions or know how to find them.

    Do you enjoy learning? There’s a wealth of information to learn working in the real estate industry and each new bit of information adds to the value you bring to your clients. Markets, tastes, trends, demographics, and industries are constantly changing and agents are expected to stay up to date. The real estate profession isn’t just about real estate, it involves economics, technology skills, regulations, construction, design, psychology, strategy, appraisal, environmental science, marketing, advertising, sales, and negotiations. Our agents are always learning new things and improving their skills and processes.

    Are you creative? Real estate agents often design their own marketing plans, design materials, advertising, and professional presence. They often use social media, print advertising, internet advertising platforms, photos, videos, and other digital tools. The more that agents are able to utilize these platforms, the better the chance is of success. Seller’s agents give advice on repairs and staging houses and buyers’ agents help clients envision how to transform a house or even build one.


    Get started today by calling 541-773-2088 and let us know that you saw our website and are interested in becoming a real estate agent!